Starring the Oak

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The Danube Museum in Esztergom hosted the nature conservation day of the LIFE4OakForests project on May 12, where the oak played the leading role.
In addition to visiting the complex exhibition of the “Vízeum” (‘Dunube water museum’), the main attraction was the screening of the French nature film “The Oak – The Heart of the Forest”. As part of our #life4oakforests project, Vándormozi brought the film to the children of Esztergom, who could participate in the half-day program for free. During the day, we introduced the children to the world of oak forests and the highlighted the importance of dead trees providing biodiversity. Pottery and the “Fairy tale of the three-branched oak tree” enriched the rainy day.
We would like to thank the team of the Danube Museum for providing the opportunity and location.

Besides the colleagues of the DINPD Andrea Magdolna Huszár (sculptor), Nikoletta Rendes (folklore researcher) and Margit Schmöltz (writer) participated on the program.

260 students participated in the event.

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