Project visit to the Balatonfelvidék National Park Directorate

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Members of the project consortium visited the project sites at the Balatonfelvidék National Park Directorate (BfNPD) where employees of BfNPD introduced the management works they have fulfilled so far.
On the first day of the visit, project partners called on to Pécsely, Balatonfüred/Koloska and Tihany project areas, while on the second day went to Bakonyszűcs. Among the four project sites Pécsely, Koloska and Bakonyszűcs are very important locations of the rehabilitation 91G0 * Pannonic woods with Quercus pubescens and Carpinus betulus forests, while in Tihany the development and extension of 91H0*Pannonian woods with Quercus pubescens habitats is a major task. In Pécsely and Koloska those forests need to be rehabilitated which became homogeneous due to forestry works. In Tihany and Bakonyszűcs invasive species, such as as Robinia pseudoacacia and Aillanthus altissima are to be pushed back and changed to oak species. The special panel fences which are aimed to decrease the effect of big game species have been completed in great number at all project sites. An important part of the sight visit was the examination of the technique and the introduction of the experience gained so far.
Partners discussed the forest management measures, exchanged experience, provided advice and offered help for the further activities.