Forum of Life4OakForests in the Ex Cava Marana

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The 26th of September MAR organized the Forum of Life4OakForests. The conference was held in Ex Cava Marana, a former quarry of gypsum currently used for concerts and communication activities in the Regional Gypsum Vein Park. A general public and forestry corps attended the conference. In the morning 4 presentations were held: Forests and Natura 2000 Network in Gypsum Vein Park (Massimiliano Costa), Life4oakforests project and forest conservation interventions (Serena Petroncini), The ancient beech old-growth forests in the National Park of Foreste Casentinesi Unesco heritage (Nevio Agostini), The Wood of Scardavilla and the relict oak forests of the hills of Forlì: sustainable management and conservation of biodiverisity (Giancarlo Tedaldi).
In the afternoon the course of Cammina Boschi started. The introduction to the course was held by Fiorenzo Rossetti while two lessons concerning the flora and fauna of oak forests were held by the expert hiking guide Paolo Laghi. The afternoon event was an introduction to the excursions that will follow in each Life area in the week-ends of October.
The event had a lot of success and satisfaction among the audience.

Video of the event