In Hungary:

The project will be implemented mainly on public lands. Those land owners are the stakeholders who are willing to sell their forest for the government to serve nature conservation under the management the national park. The MoUs of them are among the attachments. The national parks will arrange guided tours there upon request from the tourist sector or from the civil society. The local communities are also supporting the project, since local peoples and companies will be involved in the implementation and also because the environmental condition (water and air) of their environment will be improved. Local communities are also believes that especially in the NE region where the unemployment is high it would attract green tourists what can provide income for the villagers.


In Italy:

The intervention on forests is interesting also by tourist and safety point of view. About tourism, the oak forests are typical local landscape, more appreciated than the artificial pine forests by the foreigner tourists (which are about the 50% of the local tourists). About the mountain safety, the natural oak forests are better in holding the slopes and in preventing landslides (e.g. De Capua et al., 2005) and they are really less dangerous for accidental fires (e.g. Regione Piemonte, 2011); this is well known by the local Mayors, as responsible for public safety.
National Parks: all staff other than project participants working on Natura 2000 oak forest areas i.e. foresters, botanists, zoologists, district managers, rangers are stakeholders.
Forestry & nature conservation authorities: are stakeholders in national and in the concerned regional levels but target audience in the other regional levels.
State Forest Enterprises: foresters are stakeholders and/or target audiences
Private forest owners and privete forests’ managers
Forestry teachers and students: are target audience.
Research institutions: are stakeholders.
NGOs: are stakeholders.
Local communities, municipalities: are stakeholders and/or target audiences
General public: is target audience