This project will focus on the reconstruction of natural forest condition by collecting and examining scientific papers and residual natural forests, and the examination of the nature conservation treatments carried out until now. Elaboration of the ecological nature conservation forest management guideline based on the reconstructed natural forest image.


Oak forests will be purchased for securing the biodiversity of the area.


Nature conservation forest management will be implemented on Natura 2000 project areas managed by national parks by reconstructing the natural forest structure, reducing game impact and suppressing invasive species according to the elaborated guideline.

(A2, D1)

The effect of forest management and detection of the effects of treatments will be
monitored according to the elaborated monitoring protocol.

(D2 and D4)

The ecosystem functions restoration and the social-economic impact will be assessed.


An international conference will be organised to evaluate and share results and experience of the project.


An intensive awareness-raising will be carried out for stakeholders and for the general public: There will be presentations and field demonstrations for the stakeholders of concerned sites and for forestry teachers and students; collection, elaboration and publication of technologies can be used in the management of oak forests; publications about the developed management guideline and the results of their ecological nature conservation management according to the monitoring, guidelines for the forest habitat development (for land users) on the potential oak habitats and ecosystem services for professionals. There will be intensive networking with other projects and specialist working with forests’nature conservation. An international conference will be organised to evaluate and share results and experience of the project. (E1)
Project website will be designed and operated; information signs will be erected at the project sites;
Layman’s report among different materials will be prepared to secure public support for the general public. Media will be informed about project’s aims, activities and achievements.