1. The natural oak forest condition is reconstructed as a standard for nature conservation management of oak forest
  2. The ecological nature conservation oak forests management guideline elaborated and published (700 copies in English, Hungarian and Italian) with the result of its application by the project
  3. 43.52 ha forest habitats in Hungary and 40 ha in Italy purchased
  4. About 2,066 ha protected oak forests (1,555 ha in Hungary and 511 ha in Italy) managed according to the elaborated nature conservation management guideline in 24 project areas (19 in Hungary 5 in Italy). As a result of this kind of management the forest structure will be improved towards more natural one, lying and standing dead wood are present in all areas. The biodiversity of the project areas are increased
  5. About 95 ha forests are fenced around to eliminate game’s damages
  6. The invasive tree species are eliminated on 80 ha (50 ha in Hungary and 30 ha in Italy) others may suppressed in the project areas
  7. Eleven presentations and field demonstrations held for 315 stakeholders (working on concerned sites, forestry teachers and students)
  8. Publications: of guidelines for the forest habitat development on the potential oak habitats 500 copies and about the ecosystem services (500 copies) in three languages
  9. International conference organised to evaluate and share results and experience of the project
  10. The general public’s awareness raised towards the importance of Natura 2000 sites and nature conservation of oak forests by the project web page, 25 information signs, 5 minutes interactive movie, 300 copies of forest atlas, 500 copies and online materials for kids, information materials and regular media news.