Species and habitat description

Delphinium fissum is a perennial herbaceous plant and belongs to the Ranunculaceae family. It is 30-60 cm high, with erect, cylindrical, pubescent stem; the palmate leaves are completely divided into linear lacinias; the inflorescence is simple, with terminal raceme, with campanulate corollas and patent spurs, barely curved downwards; the petals are oblanceolate, blue-violet in color. It flowers from June to August.
Fairly common in the main mountain ranges; it is found in arid meadows and beech forest clearings up to 1800 m.

Major threats

Habitat loss, due to the increase in tree cover in the rocky areas where it is present, and human pressure, due to trampling and the passage of hikers and cyclists. Larkspurt is an endemic species of Emilia-Romagna region, and is included in the List of Vegetal Species. It is included in the List of Target Plant Species of Conservation Interest in the Region (2017) and it is classified as NT (almost at risk).

Specific conservation action

Larkspurt can be found in the site IT4070011 del Parco della Vena di Gesso, but it is rare and it is located between the rocky environment and the north side woods. Specific conservation actions include harvesting and storing seeds in order to create a seed bank and preserve ecotypes. If necessary, resettlement of the species. Other actions consist in eliminating invasive alien species and maintaining clearing openings.

Related project areas
Monte Mauro

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