Species and habitat description

Human significantly transforms its environment. Due to environmental pollution, habitat degradation, climate change or over-exploitation the population of many species declined. Many species even became extinct. Indeed, human now threatens its own survival. Human influenced the global environmental and ecological processes. We changed the climate of our Planet, introduced invasive, alien species, which both threatens the local biodiversity and ecological stability of the ecosystems. We have now the responsibility and the capability to take care many of these processes and to reverse negative processes. We have to take part in the protection of species, in the control of invasive species and in the regulation of our climate.

During the present project, although at small scale, but we are working on these issues. We increase the biodiversity of oak forest, eliminate the invasive species, as well as we plant trees and provide habitats for a large variety of forest species. Thus, we enhance the stability of ecological processes. At the project site of Sas-hill the contact of nature and human is inevitable. The forested hill is surrounded with urban areas. At his place the pubescent oak forest and human nicely fits together.


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Budai-Sas hegy


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