Species and habitat description

Service tree (Sorbus domestica) is a deciduous native species of Middle and Southeast Europe witch usually grows up to 20-25 m high slowly . In Hungary, its occurrence is mainly limited to the oak forests of the warm southern sides of the mountain ranges. It occurs on vineyards and extensive orchards as a cultivated fruit species. It’s flowers are pollinated usually not by bees but by different beetle species in late April and early May.

Major threats

Major threats are the impact of large herbivorous animals and the intensive forestry. Their saplings and young trees are often cut out under forestry works because of ignorance.

Specific conservation action

It is very important to draw the attention of foresters to the protection of this species. It is need to control the number of big herbivorous animals in habitats. We also help to preserve and spread the species at fences against large herbivorous animals and planting saplings.

Related project areas

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