Species and habitat description

The Scorpion senna (Hippocrepic emerus) is sub-mediterran plant belonging to the Fabaceae family. The height of the plant generally does not exceed one meter. In Hungary, its occurrence is confined to the Balaton Uplands and the Keszthely Mountains, where it is a typical shrub of dry and rocky oak forests. Yellow blooms in the second half of April and early May are frequently visited by various bumble bees that pollinate the plant. Because of its sensitivity to spring frost the habitat of the Scorpion senna (Hippocrepis emerus) is restricted to warm, dry, rocky forests where the chance of spring frost is negligible.

Major threats

Major threats are the impact of big herbivorous animals and the intensive forestry.

Specific conservation action

In its habitats, it is necessary to maintain the permanent forest cover and to control the impact of big herbivorous animals. In the framework of the project we create fences at several locations against the herbivorous animals. Reducing the impact of wildlife is also facilitated by the creation of diverse forest stands, which provide significantly more food and even more balanced distribution of food for large herbivores.

Related project areas

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