Species and habitat description

The Spurge-laurel is an evergreen shrub height about one meter. It has stretchy shoots with little side branches. Its 5–10 (–14) cm long, spear shaped, seated leaves are compacted at the top of the fold. The leaf plate is thick, leathery, bright-dark green on the top and blunt light green on the bottom. Yellowish-green flowers are in small raceme in the armpits of the upper leaves. It blooms in March and in April before the leafing of the forest. Its fruit are spherical, ripe black, fleshy.
Its habitats are mountain forests on limestone: beech forests, oak forests, ravines.

Major threats

It is endangered by intensive forestry and by degradation of its habitat.

Specific conservation action

Improving the structure of homogeneous forest stands, helping mixed species, protecting shrub levels.

Related project areas

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