Wildcats are back in the wilderness!

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The major habitat types of the wildcat are the natural, dense, extensive forests. It finds nutrition and suitable shelters in natural-like forests. The experts of Bükk National Park Directorate – Hungary who work to restore natural forests within the LIFE4OakForest project – have released three wildcats recently. The species is highly protected in Hungary and Italy, but it faces several types of threatening factors, including hybridization with domestic cats. Therefore, it is important not to let our pets wander in the forest!
The three wildcats were released in the territory of BNPD in three different areas, one of them was near Garáb, LIFE4OakForests project area. The cats (2 males and 1 female) were found in 2020 as kittens by a farmer in a derelict house. The kittens were taken to a Bird Rescue station where they were identified as wildcats. Later they were transferred to the Budapest Zoo where they were raised up as wild animals to be relocated to the wilderness. The release took place on 26 February 2021.