An Excursion in the Oak Forests

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As part of the LIFE4OakForests project Balaton-felvidéki National Park Directorate lead an excursion on the edge of Balaton-felvidék and the southern Bakony, in the Barnag-Pécsely-Vöröstó region on 3 October 2020. The excursion focused on old oak trees and natural oak forests.
Participants could get insight the ecological importance of oak forests, the deadwood and the old trees and got to know the flagship species of the oak forests. They appreciated the forest management actions taken place at Pécsely Hideg-hegy, the placement of bird tables for jays and the preparation of standing and laying deadwood and gaps. We have answered several questions, related to these topics. We finished our tour among the century-old oak trees at the magnificent Vöröstói Fáslegelő which has become a forest for now.