We planted 300 seedlings in Sas-hegy (DINPD) with volunteers

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To shift the shrubby vegetation into a more forested one we planted 300 pubescent oak seedlings in Sas-hegy. Thank you for the help of the volunteers of the Budai Waldorf School! The planting was just before the closing of the schools.
The goal in this area is to create forests besides keeping the patches of grasslands and shrubby vegetaion. The climatic and soil conditions are suitable for a pubescent oak forest; however the mature trees, which could provide oak acorn, are lacking. Thus, we helped the nature by suppressing the shrubs and by planting oak seedlings. Oak seedlings were also planted a few years ago near the Dayka Gábor street, where the shrubs were also suppressed before. The oak seedlings are developing nicely in that area and it is important that due to the restoration of the habitat the lady orchid (Orchis purpurea) appeared in the area! The flowering of this species can be seen soon from the path. The occurrences of other protected species are also expected. In 2018 and 2018 we continued the suppression of shrubs near the so called “Kutyafuttató”. During the volunteering day we planted here 300 seedlings including oaks and wild service tree (Sorbus torminalis). We have also started to suppress 15 different kinds of invasive species in the total area of the foothill (12 ha). Invasive species would degrade the natural value of the protected area. Along with the planting we collected 12 bags of garbage. Due to dry weather conditions we ask the help of locals to irrigate the oak seedlings marked in yellow colour.

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