Species and habitat description

Cap: from whitish to straw-yellow, surface silky-hairy when young, later fibrillose-squamulose. Gills: free, whitish at the beginning, later rosaceous, flesh-coloured. Stem with a well-developed, ochre-yellowish, brownish volva at the base, which is splitting patch-like outside. Habitat: growing from May to October, mostly in gallery forests, but also in human habitats (park, cemeteries, etc.), on living or decaying old trunks of deciduous trees. Edible, and protected species in Hungary

Major threats

It is endangered by removing standing and lying deadwood.

Specific conservation action

Standing and lying deadwood will be created on all project sites.

Related project areas

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Védett gombák és zuzmók Magyarországon (Protected fungi and lichenes in Hungary)