The developments for the protected values in the foothill of the Sas-hegy are completed!

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The Danube-Ipoly National Park Directorate (DINPD) performed recreational developments in the foothills of Sas-hegy during the autumn of 2020. The work, which complemented the ongoing nature conservation treatments, was carried out taking into account the needs of the locals.

1., Developments of walkways
DINPD created new walkways and improved the main walking paths from the Dayka Gábor Street to the “Kutyafuttató” (a large glade). The upper section of the road was widened and due to the constructions, it became more walkable. A hidden row of ash trees was liberated and the fence was relocated, thus it became possible to walk under the trees. To exclude illegal car traffic parking barriers were set up. On the walkway 17 drainage channels were built to keep the rainwater off the road but in the woody area.

2., Developments of fences
The damaged and non-aesthetic old fence was replaced on the worst sections and two new gates were also built. The fence is still needed to protect the natural values. In the future, DINPD wants to present the protected natural values for visitors on thematic tours by the staff of the national park, from the foothills to the Sas-hegy Visitor Centre.

3., Benches and tables
Due to the increased traffic and to protect the natural values, DINPD placed benches and tables in “Kutyafuttató” (a large glade) and along the ash alley. The goal is to protect the valuable grassland patches and to provide a comfortable resting place for visitors.

4., Dissemination boards
Awareness boards and awareness icons presenting conservation values of the area were displayed in three locations.

5., Wooden trash can
DINPD placed a wooden trash can at the entrance of the area in Dayka Gábor Street, where the local municipality can empty it regularly. There will be no more collectors because their empting is not possible inside of the area and it is important to make people aware to take waste with them and don’t throw it away in the area.

6., Nesting boxes, microhabitats and feeders
Nesting boxes for birds (82), bats (11) as well as bird feeders (7) and microhabitats for insects, butterflies, and hedgehogs nests (7) are continuously placed in the area. These will be occupied by the residents over time! Thank you for refilling the bird feeders during the winter!

7., Continuous tree planting
To create pubescent oak forests, DINPD continuously plants trees and seedlings. So far, around 40 trees and 500 seedlings has been planted, including sessile, Turkey and pubescent oak, as well as wild fruit trees (wild pear, crab apple, sorbus species), and other mixed tree species (field and Tatar maple, mahaleb cherry).

8., Developments of the surroundings of the wood chip storage
Wood chips are created as a by-product of the nature conservation management of the area and are used for the winter heating of the Sas-hegy Visitor Centre. The storage and its surroundings became suitable to load the wood chips, it is more tidy, the waste was removed, and a walkway was fixed.

We would like to thank the help of the locals and the Sas-hegy Protection Association!

We look forward to continue to work together to develop and maintain the area!
We look forward to continue the collaboration.

Thank you!

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