“The Cammina boschi 2021 course has come to an end!”

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After the first outing to Monte Penzola near Borgo Tossignano, the excursions of the course “Cammina Boschi” continued in the other Life Project areas: the fantastic forest environments of Riva di San Biagio, the areas of the forestry interventions of Life4Oak Forests carried out in Monte Mauro, concluding the 16th of October in the forests of Carnè-Rontana. Here at the Carnè Refuge, the final test and the delivery of the certificates of participation to the course was attended, followed by the awards ceremony with the kind participation of Marina Lo Conte, President of the Park Community. Fundamental during the final day was the presence of Serena Petroncini, technical coordinator of the Life4oakforests project, for Ente di Gestione per i parchi e la Biodiversità Romagna (MAR), who allowed us to fully understand the aims of the project and its complexity. The course was very well attended and appreciated by the hikers themselves, who often pleasantly integrated the interventions of the tutors, to everyone’s satisfaction! “