Primeval forests in Slovakia

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On 16-17 October 2019 the project partners visited two Slovak primeval oak forests of which very few have remained in Europe by now. The visit was organized by the Ecological Research Center. One of forests is the Boky National Nature Reserve, which is 165.69 ha, near Zvolen. The other area is Drastvica primeval forest, which is 109 ha Natura 2000 area, near Voznica. The areas were presented by Andrea Kanuchova from the Slovak Nature Conservation Authority, Pavel Mezei from the Slovak Academy of Sciences (Institute of Forest Ecology) and Juraj Vysoky from Pralesy NGO. These forests are oak forests without human intervention. The purpose of the visit was to familiarize colleagues working in the Life4OakForests project with the structure of the forests that serve as a model for the project, in order to improve the forest management solutions developed and thus to restore the natural state of the project areas.