Species and habitat description

The Oak hawk-moth (Marumba quercus) is occurring in southern and central parts of Europe, Asia Minor and Iran. In Hungary it is native in the dry and warm oak forests on hills and also mountains. The wingspan of moths is 80-120 mm, they flying late at night from the end of May to the end of July. Its caterpillar is green, dotted in yellow, with a blurred yellow line on its side and an orange design on its head. Horn is blue. The larvae feed on oaks, in Hungary mainly on pubescent oak (Quercus pubescens). There is only one generation per year.

Major threats

The Oak hawk-moth is endangered by degradation of its habitats and by changing in species composition. It is very important for this moth the diverse spatial forest-structure, too, so the forestry interventions that homogenize oak forests are also threat.

Specific conservation action

Improving the structure of homogeneous forest stands, helping mixed species, protecting shrub levels.

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