An Excursion in the Oak Forests
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As part of the LIFE4OakForests project Balaton-felvidéki National Park Directorate lead an excursion on the edge of Balaton-felvidék and the southern Bakony, in the Barnag-Pécsely-Vöröstó region on 3 October 2020. The excursion focused on old oak trees and natural oak … Read More

Excursion to the Life Area of Carnè-Rontana
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The 4th of October an excursion organized with the course “Cammina Boschi” was held in the Life area of Carnè- Rontana. The route crossed through the oak forests of habitat 91AA* “Eastern white oak woods” were the flora and fauna … Read More

Forum of Life4OakForests in the Ex Cava Marana
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The 26th of September MAR organized the Forum of Life4OakForests. The conference was held in Ex Cava Marana, a former quarry of gypsum currently used for concerts and communication activities in the Regional Gypsum Vein Park. A general public and … Read More

Lesson plan to the Erdőböngésző exercise booklet
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WWF Hungary has developed a lesson plan for environmental education teachers to the Erdőböngésző exercise booklet, which was prepared in the framework of the Life4Oak project. The lesson plan provides ideas and help to complete the exercises of the booklet … Read More

Family day
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The 6th of Septemebr  MAR held a day dedicated to the families in the life Life4oakforests area of Carnè-Rontana, Gypsum Vein Regional Park of Romagna . Children and parents were involved in didactic activities and explanations concernig the importance of  … Read More

Forest Day in the Gypsum Vein Regional Park
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The 5th of September MAR held the Forest Day in the Gypsum Vein Regional Park of Romagna. Excursions in the Life 4OakForests area of Carnè Rontana were organized. The path included explanation routes in the forest monitoring areas of one … Read More


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