A journey to Sicily: old growth forest of Quercus pubescens in habitat 91AA*
with Nincs hozzászólás

At the beginning of April 2019, the team of Ente Gestione per i Parchi e Biodiversità-Romagna ( MAR) composed by Massimiliano Costa, Gabriele Cassani and Serena Petroncini accompanied by Mr. Jóska Fidlóczky, went to the island of Sicily, in the … Read More

Progress Report (PR1) submitted
with Nincs hozzászólás

The first project progress report has been submitted on 08/01/2018. The whole documentation can be downloaded here.

A chat with members of the “Sas-hegy Conservation Association”
with Nincs hozzászólás

Just before the Earth Day we met with the enthusiastic members of the Association in the Visitor Centre of Sas-hegy (Budapest) to demonstrate them our planned activities. The Association plays a key role in the protection of the natural and … Read More


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