LIFE BRIDGING THE GAP LIFE15NAT/SE/000772 come across LIFE4oakForests
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The 6th of September 2022 Life4oakforests LIFE16NAT/IT/000245 met a delegation of 13 Swedish colleagues from the European project LIFE BRIDGING THE GAP LIFE15NAT/SE/000772 in the Parco Regionale della Vena del Gesso Romagnola The meeting of the two projects is linked … Read More

Life4oakForests at the XXVI International Congress of Entomology ICE2022, Helsinki, FI. July 17-22, 2022.
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The Life4oakForests project on 19 July 2022 participated in the Life Symposium (Life Programme: Funding direct action to protect Europe’s threatened insects) organised by NEEMO-Monitoring Life projects and Communicating about the Life Programme and CINEA-European Climate, Environment and Infrastructure Executive … Read More

LIFE has been financing nature conservation projects for 30 years
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Bükk National Park Directorate (BNPD) regularly organizes field trips for educational institutions. Most recently they’ve hosted 35 students of the Mátra Forestry Vocational Training School. The students visited BNPD’s oak forest near Cserépfalu where forestry measures with nature conservation goals … Read More

The CLIMAFORCEELIFE project and private forest owners visited Kerecsend project site
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WWF Hungary organized a meeting and site visit for their private forest owner partners within the CLIMAFORCEELIFE project on 16-17 June in the area of Bükkszék and Bátor. As part of the visit, participants went to see one of the … Read More

Development of nature trail in Esztergom, Strázsa-hegy
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The nature trail of the Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate in Esztergom, Kis-Strázsa is a very popular excursion destination. Since 2002, the 1.2 km long trail can be freely visited. The round trip starts at the “Kökörcsin-House”, it takes you up … Read More

Lecture at the Kolos Hanák College in Mátrafüred
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For the invitation of the Kolos Hanák College in Mátrafüred, Pál Bódis, expert of WWF Hungary’s Forest Programme, gave a lecture on “The world and our country’s forestry, nature-friendly forest management” in the framework of the LIFEis30 programme series in … Read More


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