Exercise booklet for primary school children to discover the secrets of oak forests
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Due to centuries of human use and logging, our oak forests have almost completely transformed, the former wilderness has disappeared from almost all over Europe. Yet the special habitats of the natural forest provide shelter for many species of animals, plants … Read More

What do we owe to the forests? – Infographics series on natural forest ecosystem services
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Nowadays we can hardly find any natural oak forests in Hungary. Due to forestry and other human influences, our oak forests have almost completely transformed, the former wilderness has disappeared from Europe and Hungary as well. Yet natural forests give … Read More

Nature conservation management with light and shadow
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Small sunny glades, deep dark forests or little sunflecks have all their charm and ecological role. With the right mix of light and shade, we are carrying out forest reforestation, assist rare tree species and suppress invasive species. Oak seedlings … Read More

We planted 300 seedlings in Sas-hegy (DINPD) with volunteers
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To shift the shrubby vegetation into a more forested one we planted 300 pubescent oak seedlings in Sas-hegy. Thank you for the help of the volunteers of the Budai Waldorf School! The planting was just before the closing of the … Read More

We completed the reconstruction of natural forest structure in the forests of Nagyoroszi and Diósjenő (DINPD)
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Natural forests are characterized by diverse structural complexity. Homogeneous forest with one dominating tree of the same age usually lacks small sunny glades, different kinds of cavities, hollows on the trees, or e.g. decaying dead wood in a stream. Therefore, … Read More

Life4Oak Forests – for raising the biodiversity of Natura 2000 oak forests – Interview with József Fidlócky, Project Manager
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Due to intensive human use, biodiversity is reduced in oak forests. The Life4Oak Forests project, supported by LIFE, aims to reverse this process with nature conservation forest management interventions. Here you can find a link presenting a Hungarian interview with … Read More


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