Mid-term report submitted
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The 1st mid-term report has been submitted. Click here for download.

Visit of the OakeyLIFE project
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09/03/2021. Budapest by Péter Koncz The LIFE4OakForests and the OakeyLIFE projects ( are two complementary projects to restore oak forests. The OakeyLIFE is focusing on the forests in the lowlands. To know more about the aims, activities and results of … Read More

Wildcats are back in the wilderness!
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The major habitat types of the wildcat are the natural, dense, extensive forests. It finds nutrition and suitable shelters in natural-like forests. The experts of Bükk National Park Directorate – Hungary who work to restore natural forests within the LIFE4OakForest … Read More

The developments for the protected values in the foothill of the Sas-hegy are completed!
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The Danube-Ipoly National Park Directorate (DINPD) performed recreational developments in the foothills of Sas-hegy during the autumn of 2020. The work, which complemented the ongoing nature conservation treatments, was carried out taking into account the needs of the locals. 1., … Read More

Watch our latest brief video about the BNPD’s activities
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We published our latest video about BNPD (Bükki National Park Directorate) the natural forest related activities. Enjoy it !

Excursion to the LIFE area of Monte Penzola
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On November 1st, the “Cammina Boschi” course ended with the last excursion. It took place along the ridge paths with the typical vegetation of Romagna badlands, crossing forest islands of habitat 91AA * “Eastern white oak woods”. The lands and … Read More


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