Volunteer days in Fóti-Somlyó
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With the help of volunteers and students we carried out forest reconstruction work in the Fóti-Somlyó Nature Reserve on 8-9 November 2019. We applied different treatments In the mixed forest-grassland habitat to restore the former Pannonian woods with Quercus pubescens … Read More

Primeval forests in Slovakia
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On 16-17 October 2019 the project partners visited two Slovak primeval oak forests of which very few have remained in Europe by now. The visit was organized by the Ecological Research Center. One of forests is the Boky National Nature … Read More

We established 35 bird lairs in Sas-hegy with volunteers
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We installed a variety of bird lairs to preserve and increase the bird life of Sas-hegy in one of our project sites (DINPD). It was necessary because Sas-hegy lacks the old trees that could provide living and nesting places for … Read More

BNPD’s injection process has been completed
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Among the project areas of the BNPD, the chemical injection of black locusts to kill them has been completed in the case of Felsőtárkány-Miklósvölgy, Bükkzsérc, Buják and Cserépfalu. The impact of the work done is already spectacular in Cserépfalu. On … Read More

MAR first survey of old-growth forests in habitat 91AA*, Dobrogea, Romania
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In the last week of September 2019 Serena Petroncini and Massimiliano Costa (MAR) were invited at the  6th International Symposium “Conservation of Natural and Landscape Heritage – premise of the sustainable development” at ICEM Cosiliul Judetean, Institutul de cercetari ECO-MUZEALE … Read More

Tree marking in BNPD’s project areas
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Marking of different interventions in the BNPD’s project areas are ongoing. There have been some minor interruptions, such as running out of paint or shortage of personnel and of course the rainy weather. Of these factors, weather is the one … Read More


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